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Moving Walls was founded in 2007 as a public limited company by brothers Marcel and Patrick Frick and has since evolved into a specialized provider of innovative workshop tools for agile working & learning.


Our origins lie in a close and very successful collaboration with the World Economic Forum WEF. The WEF still works with Moving Walls today and uses them at their interactive sessions during meetings. In the early years, activities consisted practically only of this exclusive cooperation. Today, this has grown into a successful business with worldwide customer relationships and an innovative collection for modern working and learning.


Designed by renowned Swiss designer Jörg Boner, our versatile workshop tools fuel new processes of idea generation and an interactive work atmosphere.

Moving Walls agile Raumgestaltung Schweizerhof Luzern

“The environment must be able to adapt to the collaboration process. This means that the environment must adapt to what people want to achieve together. If it requires a team of two people, the work environment should enable that. If it requires a team of 100 people, the work environment should enable that as well.”


– Patrick Frick, Co-Founder Moving Walls Ltd

The Moving Walls team

Marcel Frick
Denise Frick
MW Wizard - Making the Magic Happen

Ask me anything about Moving Walls

Patrick Frick
Founder & Social Entrepreneur

Swiss Design by
Jörg Boner

Moving Walls products were designed and developed in close collaboration with internationally renowned designer Jörg Boner. The straightforwardness as well as the reduced aesthetics of the designs correspond to the brand’s claim to the multifunctional workshop tools.


Today, Jörg Boner is one of the most important Swiss designers of the “middle generation”. He was awarded the Grand Prix Design by the Swiss Confederation in 2011 for his continuous contribution to Swiss design and his commitment as a designer and lecturer.

“I believe in the horizontal surfaces becoming smaller and the vertical surfaces becoming larger. The horizontal area is the private area. It’s kind of like land ownership. The vertical surface, on the other hand, is public. You can form a plenum around it.”


– Jörg Boner, Designer

Swiss Made Workshop Tools

We attach particular importance to the highest quality in the manufacture of our products and rely on the label “MADE IN SWITZERLAND” out of conviction.


Moving Walls products are all developed in Switzerland and with a few exceptions, all workshop tools are also produced in Switzerland. Sustainability and the responsible use of resources are an integral part of our corporate values. Therefore, we use only the best raw materials and semi-finished products for the production of all components and we guarantee the best processing. Thanks to the uncompromising standards of our production partners, we also achieve a very high quality of workmanship, durability and longevity in our products.


From the very beginning, we decided to outsource the production to professionals. To ensure compliance with our values and quality standards, we work only with innovative and leading producers. Most of them are family-run companys too. This collaboration allows us to access cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and easily scale production according to customer demand.

Vision & Mission

At the heart of the family-run firm are the ideological approaches of architect, facilitator and thinker Matt Taylor and architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The interface of physical environment, organizational practices as well as tools are crucial for solving complex, systemic problems.


This approach is the starting point for developing the perfect interface between people, space and work processes. The vision of developing a multifunctional tool for flexible room design and agile work in groups never left the two brothers.


Marcel Frick, a trained carpenter, and Patrick Frick, co-founder of Value Web and facilitator at the World Economic Forum, then developed the first prototypes of the Moving Wall. The result is a modular professional tool for designing flexible spaces and promoting teamwork.